5: How to Brainwash Yourself with Positive Thoughts

A lot of negative thoughts go through our mind on a daily basis. Just look at what we are fed in media every day. We are bombarded mostly with negative news. They have such a big influence on our mind, on our way of thinking. In this podcast episode, I share with you some simple tricks on how you can change that and brainwash yourself into a positive thinker. 

“Wow, Miha! You really are not from this world!” That’s what I’m used now to hearing. “Why do you say that?”, I ask. “Well, because of the way you are and you never stress out about anything!” 

By the way, there must be something really wrong with our societies that view stress as something normal. But that’s not the point here…

I’m not a Buddhist or anything, then how do I manage to live like this? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually.

I wasn’t always like this. I used to be a “normal” guy like any other, who got stressed a lot because of work and what other people did. But through the years I’ve been learning the valuable lessons that life has taught me.

It doesn’t take seven years in Tibet to achieve a peaceful and meaningful way of life.
Let me show you in this episode how I brainwashed myself to success.