24: Value Interview w/ Jamie Jay :: How to utilize Virtual Assistants for growth in your company

Jaime has over 15 years in the business management industry. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate enough to have worked for two fortune 500 companies in an executive capacity where he was responsible for managing close to a million-dollar sales portfolio. This experience taught him to develop professional negotiation skills with C-level executives through the building and maintaining relationships.

The skills learned in the corporate environment prepared him for the next step in his career that also included one of his hobbies and favorite sports… ice hockey. Jaime was asked to come to Las Vegas to oversee the construction and development of a large 14-acre sports complex complete with three softball fields, an ice and roller hockey rink, pro shop, concession, and karate studio. He also oversaw 50 staff people including department directors.

One market that interested Jaime was the real estate market and due to a lucky introduction to a real estate mogul, he decided to make the move to the real estate investing arena where he founded his own real estate investment firm. After a couple of years buying and selling both residential and commercial properties, the economy took a turn for the worse.

Acknowledging his losses, Jaime had to take drastic action to find an alternative solution to create wealth. After months and months of trial and error, he was able to identify the wonderful world of internet marketing.

With his “never give up” attitude, he set out on his quest to learn how to become an effective online marketer. Jaime loved marketing and the lure of working from home and creating an income at first seemed like a dream, but after months of hard work and continued diligence, he finally broke through.

After trying several different programs, solutions and “guru” techniques, he decided to embrace his passion and experience and set off on an epic journey to help others find their way. Jaime is a coach, dreamer, and connector.