23: Value Interview w/ Lars Hedenborg :: How to work ON your business instead of IN your business

Lars Hedenborg is the host of the “Business Freedom Podcast” and the founder of “Real Estate B-School”, an education and coaching program for top-producing real estate agents looking to build sustainable, systems-driven businesses.

Lars’ career in real estate began in March 2007 when he left his work in the corporate world. In his first year, he hustled to close 71 sales but was working 80 hour weeks, leaving his family life suffering. This m23: Value Interview w/ Lars Hadenborg:: “How to work ON your business instead of IN your business” motivated Lars to scale his real estate business. He grew a team that consistently sells over $100M in real estate each year while working only one day a week.

Today, Lars is passionate about bringing real-world tools, systems, and strategies to top agents and team leaders so that they can achieve sustainable success and freedom in the real estate business.

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