19: Value Interview w/Sebastian Lecona :: An inspiring brand strategy

Lecona started doing animation on flashback in 2002. He used to teach his computer teacher before each class so she could teach the rest of the class while he practiced and learned new things. From there Lecona started learning the software by oneself and in 2010 started freelancing for friends and family. on 2012 Sebastian Lecona enrolled in college (the first animation program in Mexico that was worth it) but left after 9 months to start working on a national TV channel on the motion graphics area.

He worked for a year and a half at TV UNAM doing video branding for the channel and its programs. This was the first approach to serious branding. Even when it was a great job with a really cool environment and significant projects he was missing the chance to travel. He has always been a traveler so this was heavy enough to push him into the freelancing life again while traveled around Mexico. During these time he started tapping into entrepreneurial skills. For motion design freelancing and other projects (Lecona also started a tattoo business, circus classes, and partnered with a friend to grow a jewelry workshop along with a natural products distribution business).

After a couple of years, he realized that he was spreading too much energy across many fields, dissolving the impact of actions. So in 2016 Lecona decides to go all in into his core skills as a designer and founded his agency. That was the best decision ever. Since that day he dropped every other business, Sebastian Lecona was involved with and put all of his time and attention into growing business. From that day forward he has been growing his business into a vessel that helps him live the dream life and fulfill the purpose of building a better world by telling inspiring stories!

Now, Lecona and his agency work with people from all over the world helping young entrepreneurs build their online businesses. From YouTube channels to transportation businesses, they are helping inspiring leaders to connect with their tribes.