Brain Dump by the Fail Coach

– Miha Matlievski

Miha Matlievski

How the “Fail Coach” was born

At just 18 years old, Miha Matlievski, a Slovenian high school dropout, dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
And he pursued it with a passion, putting in 12 years of hard work that resulted in four successful businesses and a personal net worth of $15M.

But in December 2009, an unexpected call from his bank, which had decided to foreclose on his real estate investments,
brought his world crashing down around him. That one negative event instigated an avalanche of ruin for him and his businesses,
resulting in his four, once-successful companies going bankrupt.

Embracing that previous failure, Miha began to climb out of his rut and take charge of his own life once again.
In 2014, he created a new startup, generating eight figures in less than a year.
Many publications in Slovenia approached him and his story went viral.

Since Miha’s “resurrection,” he has been known as The Fail Coach.
In that capacity, he helps entrepreneurs around the world embrace and have a healthy relationship with failure
with the goal of reaching a higher level of success.


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